A way to enhance the enjoyment of the sport of shooting is to join a local gun club or shooting range.  The main advantage is that you will be shooting with like minded people and they can provide the land for you to shoot upon. 
If you need to practice your shooting skills for competition then you will need the facilities of a shooting range that meets your requirements.

The National Association of Sporting Rifle and Pistol Clubs (NASRPC) has many links to the many ranges throughout Ireland as well the disiplines and competitons that are shot.
The National Association of Regoinal Game Councils (NARGC) has links to the many gun clubs throughout Ireland.

It may be a condition that you are a memebr of a gun club or shooting range before you can apply for a firearms license.  If you are applying for a Pistol license then you must be a member of a club or shooting range that caters for pistol shooting.

And one of the most important Irish shooting forums (a social media club) to visit is
Boards the shooting forum